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K2 and SharePoint 2013 FAQs
Will K2 offer SharePoint 2013 integration?
Yes. We spent the last 18 months on R&D, so we've got you covered. Use K2 for fast, capable SharePoint 2013-based business applications and workflows, on premise or online.

Will K2 provide support for SharePoint 2013 on premise and online?
Yes. See above. You choose.

Will K2's offering be available via the SharePoint Store?
Yes. You'll find K2 in the SharePoint 2013 Online Store and in Microsoft's private app catalog for SharePoint 2013 on premise. 

Can a single K2 environment integrate with both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013?
Yes. With K2, you can build business applications that span multiple versions of SharePoint, including local and cloud implementations.

Will K2 add capabilities or add to SharePoint 2013 out-of-box features?
Yes, including capabilities that are unique to K2.

Do I need SharePoint to run K2 software?
No. K2 offers deep integration with a wide range of of Microsoft products, including SharePoint, Active Directory, Dynamics CRM, Exchange and more. But the only Microsoft products K2 depends on are Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server.

Will K2 extend onto mobile platforms?
K2-based solutions support mobile platforms right now, and we'll continue to innovate in this area.

What kind of SharePoint 2013 business applications will I be able to create with K2?
The possibilities are limitless, but K2 users typically build SharePoint-based applications that fall into one of the following categories: document-centric, list-based, SharePoint event-based, enterprise content management and SharePoint lifecycle management.
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